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Job Portal Script Functions

Job Portal Script by Webevon is a gathering point for interviewers and job seekers from all over the world. Employers post job opportunities seeking for the perfect applicants, whose abilities and certification will fill the job openings efficiently. Job Portals are a market place where the requirement for employees fits the supply of jobs. Job seekers search for job possibilities where they can apply their expertise, obtain new skills, and grow as a professional in their respected fields.


The main positive aspects of this revolutionary Job Portal PHP Script are:

Job Searches are easy:

Online job search websites are the most cost-effective source of interaction between recruiters, and job hunters. Both job seekers and employers can afford to sign-up with Job Portal and define their needs. Notifications are sent to employers by the Job Portal web site every time a proper applicant is found. Job seekers don’t have to spend time and money jogging from one venue to another. This is a low-cost and fast resource for reaching a wide target audience with just a simple click.

Multiple Choices:

Countless numbers of job seekers and recruiters enroll with Job Websites every day. There are plenty of choices for recruiters and employees to choose appropriate candidates or jobs. If an Applicant misses a job, or if they get denied, there are lots of other job openings to opt for, and post more resumes in other places as job updates are made available through Job Portal.

Vast Search area of proficiency

Job Portal assists reach out to a wider marketplace, employees can search job possibilities in any city, state or country in the world. Candidates can even limit their search by listing their preferred work locations. Job Portal alerts employees about current job openings that match their profiles and specifications, and allows job seekers to get in touch with any employer, despite of geo-political restrictions, and vice versa for interviewers all round the globe.

Ongoing Support:

Job Portal Software offers assistance 24-7 around the world. Many appointing companies have help lines for interacting with job applicants at their comfort. Candidates receive updates via emails and SMS when a good job opening is listed on Job Portal Script.

Used technologies and server needed

Job Portal clone Script is created with the following latest technologies

Core PHP




Ready made or Custom made

We fully understand that just using the ready made software may not satisfy all your niche market needs. Our method for Job Portal Clone is exceptionally global and can easily be customized for your certain requirements.

Earnings Model

For Job Portal Clone, besides from the default revenue model, you may also would like to look into banner advertising, membership programs or commission based revenue module incorporation to increase your earnings. Our business specialists can help here, so that you can go to market place with assurance.

On going Support and Maintenance

Webevon is your one stop alternative. We foresee full liability of your project from business research to design, development, deployment, web hosting, maintenance and above. Be relax, our development and assistance teams are always accessible with punctual response.

Job Portal Clone Software

Online business is still raising speedily and effectively, physical businesses are growing their online businesses, and more persons are being introduced to the Online world globally. Almost all industries have stepped into online and Job Portal web sites are one of them. Job Portal web sites play a crucial role for employers looking for employees, and for those searching for jobs. Simply sign-up at Job Portal website as an employer, or as a job seeker. If you are an employer, just sign-up for further features and benefits.

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